Thomas Strich, Artist

Welcome to Thomas Strich's website. Tom's art ranges from large permanent public art works to smaller studio works. He works in a wide range of media, with a strong basis in sculpture. His art focuses on the interactions between humans and landscape, exploring how we view ourselves in relation to the world.

Public Art

Photograph of Window of Dialectic Views and Sky Windows by Thomas Strich

Window of Dialectic Views and Sky Windows

Sky Windows lead to the Window of Dialectic Views on the Rio Salado South Bank Path in Tempe, Arizona. The South Bank Path is a multi-user public pathway that lines the Salt River near the Tempe Center for the Arts. For this project, the City of Tempe commissioned a design team to create site enhancements and public […]

Photo Constructions

Bladed Ground by Thomas Strich

Bladed Ground

Bladed Ground is a  a photo construction by Thomas Strich. Tom often uses photography in his landscape related artwork. He merges his photography with his sculptor’s orientation to create 3-dimensional photo constructions. His first photo constructions were completed in the early 1990′s.


Public Art Proposal to recreate launch site of Hugo Kinstler Volans

Model for Launch Pad into the Space of Dreams

This model depicts Thomas Strich’s proposal to construct a re-interpretation of Hugo Kinstler Volans’ speculated launch site.  This model was presented as a proposed public art project for the City of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was presented as one of five finalist designs for the International Symposium for Electronic Arts (ISEA) 2012 Sculpture Design Competition […]